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With the arrival of the international match day, the first stage of the new season La Liga has been completed. Barcelona missed the first two rounds of the league due to the participation in the Champions League in August, and then achieved 2 wins and 1 tie in 3 games. The results are not bad. New coach Koman Can breathe a sigh of relief. Western media "Marca" analyzed the current Barcelona and believed that Coman's team had two obvious shortcomings, of which the No. 9 problem was the most serious.


In the position of goalkeeper, Barcelona has Ter Stegen and Neto. Due to the injury of the Cubs, Neto will keep the goal in all three games in the new season. The Brazilian player performed well, conceding only 1 goal and blocking Villarrea in a row. El and Celta only lost the goal when they kicked Sevilla. In this position, Barcelona need not worry, Ter Stegen and Neto have shown a high level of competition and are trustworthy.

在守门员的位置上,巴塞罗那拥有Ter Stegen和Neto。由于小熊队的受伤,内托将在新赛季的所有三场比赛中保持进球。这位巴西球员表现出色,仅丢入1个进球,连续阻挡比利亚雷亚。 El和Celta踢塞维利亚后才丢掉进球。在这个位置上,巴塞罗那不用担心,特尔·斯特根(Ter Stegen)和内托(Neto)表现出很高的竞争水平并且值得信赖。

The position of the back line. Fierbo eventually stayed at the Nou Camp. Barcelona coach Koman has 4 full-backs. The other 3 players are Roberto, Alba and the new aid Deste. In terms of the thickness of the lineup, there are 4 full-backs. Enough for a season. The central defender is an obvious shortcoming of Barcelona. Only Pique and Langley are trustworthy. Once they are injured, the team's back line will have serious problems. Langley played against Celta. After receiving a red card, Araujo started in the match against Sevilla. Like Umtiti, his current level does not meet the starting requirements; it should be pointed out that Umtiti's injury is still special. Many.

背线的位置。 Fierbo最终留在了诺坎普营地。巴塞罗那教练科曼有4个后卫。其他3名球员是Roberto,Alba和新援Deste。就阵容的厚度而言,亚博网站注册有4个后卫。一个季节足够了。中后卫是巴塞罗那的明显缺点。只有Pique和Langley是值得信赖的。一旦受伤,车队的后场就会出现严重问题。兰利对阵塞尔塔。收到红牌后,阿劳霍开始对塞维利亚的比赛。像乌姆蒂蒂一样,他目前的水平不符合起步条件。应该指出的是,乌姆蒂蒂的伤势仍然很特殊。许多。

The position of the double back waist. Barcelona coach Koeman has many choices in this position, but the most commonly used are Busquets, De Jong and Pjanic. In the first stage of the game, Busquets and De Jong became the first choice; in addition, Barcelona also has Three young players to choose from.


The position of the winger and organizer. Barcelona coach Koeman basically fixed the trio, namely Griezmann, Coutinho and Fati. They started three games in a row. Of course, Koeman also has other options, Dembele, Trincon, Pedri is waiting for the call of the Barcelona coach.


The position of the center is another shortcoming. After Suarez left the team, only Brethwaite remained at the pure 9 position, but his level was not enough to get a starting opportunity, and he did not even play much time. Coach Koeman could only use May. Xi served as the fake No. 9, but this is not a long-term solution after all.

中心的位置是另一个缺点。苏亚雷斯离队后,只有布雷亚博网址电脑版斯韦特(Brethwaite)保持在纯9的位置,但是他的水平不足以获得首发机会,他甚至没有打很多时间。 Koeman亚博网址电脑版教练只能使用May。习近平曾担任过伪造的9号运动员,但这毕竟不是一个长期解决方案。

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