Original title: Mourinho brings a change! Kane and Ali benefit again, Tottenham will usher in a new turning point


Mourinho brings a change! Kane and Ali benefited again, and Tottenham will usher in a new turning point. Netizens pointedly pointed out: Kane’s retreat is unique now. If he retreats and the defender doesn’t follow closely, he turns around and the pass is sharp; some half-turned get rid of skills. Eun is also very skilled, splitting the ball or passing the opposite full back to the gap. Others’ retreats, including Sun Xingmin, right front and No. 10, Lossai or Eun Dong, also provide a sense of offensive mobility, dribbling up the ball or shifting the ball horizontally compared to the previous midfielder, with more than 4 players standing in the front field. Death is much better, with more vertical transmission and tearing. However, others do not have Kane's vision, footwork, acumen, and deterrence for the time being. Therefore, if Kane is fatigued or is targeted for a pincer, it is better to have an organization point, which is enough at present, Luosai or Eundong. And Ali's potential, he can pass on a small scale, and he can also look forward to Bell. We haven't looked back at the game against Newcastle, but there should be some attempts in the first half, a good attempt to organize the offense, but vaguely increased confidence from that game.

穆里尼奥带亚博网站注册来了改变!凯恩和阿里再次受益,热刺将迎来新的转折点。网友指出:凯恩的撤退现在是独一无二的。如果他撤退而后防队员没有紧跟在后,则他会转身并且传球很锋利;半转身摆脱技能。 Eun也非常熟练,可以将球劈开或将对方的传球传回对方。其他人的退缩,包括孙兴民,右前和10号失落者或恩东,也提供了进攻的机动性,与前中场亚博网站注册相比,运球或水平移动球时,有超过4名球员站在前场。死亡要好得多,有更多的垂直传播和撕裂。但是,其他人暂时还没有凯恩的视野,步法,敏锐性和威慑力。因此,如果凯恩疲劳或被钳子击中,最好有一个组织点,目前足以应付罗赛或恩东。和阿里的潜力一样,他可以小范围地传递,他也可以期待贝尔。我们没有回头看过对阵纽卡斯尔的比赛,但上半场应该进行一些尝试,这是一次很好的组织进攻的尝试,但在这场比赛中却增加了信心。

Ndongbele's retreat is actually a helpless move because of the lack of creativity in the midfielder. As a true shooter, goals are always higher than assists! There is one thing to say. I personally think that Sun Xingmin and Kane are in a hot state because they are the ones who can best understand the essence of Mourinho’s offensive tactics. Ali should have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of Mourinho’s tactics. , But asked Ali to do more before it took shape. Perhaps Mourinho’s high demands made him confused and self-doubt. Kane and Sun Xingmin shined in these games, but Lucas was actually quite embarrassed. Breaking the security defense, the breakthrough of the small Lucas is still very important, but I feel that the mentality is also a bit collapsed, and I want to score too much, but did not play it. The pass and the shot are not good enough. Mourinho has said it more than once. The team's biggest contribution is not necessarily scoring goals, I hope to wake up the little Lucas, he is indeed not the same type as Sun Xingmin. Now Hoibel's style of play is the cause of Ali's struggle. Hoibel's midfielder position is close to that of Dale, who is partnering with Dembele. This is an obvious tactic this season. In the Europa League, Winks often retreats to the ball between the two central defenders. In fact, the backcourt offense is a 3-centre defender system. And when there is no point in the backcourt, the center defender on the left or right will choose to hold the ball and advance through the midfield.

由于中场球员缺乏创造力,Ndongbele的撤退实际上是无助的举动。作为一名真正的射手,进球总是高于助攻!有话要说。我个人认为孙兴民和凯恩处于热门状态,因为他们是最能理解穆里尼奥进攻战术本质的人。阿里本该成为穆里尼奥策略的最大受益者之一。 ,但要求阿里在成形之前做更多的事情。也许穆里尼奥的高要求使他感到困惑和自我怀疑。凯恩和孙兴民在这些游戏中大放异彩,但卢卡斯实际上感到很尴尬。打破安全防御,小卢卡斯的突破仍然非常重要,但是我觉得心态也有些崩溃,我想得分太多,但是没有发挥。传球和射门不够好。穆里尼奥已经说了不止一次。球队最大的贡献不一定是进球,我希望能唤醒小卢卡斯,他的确与孙兴民不是同一类型。现在,霍伊贝尔的作风是阿里挣扎的原因。 Hoibel的中场位置与与Dembele合作的Dale接近。这是本赛季显而易见的战术。在欧罗巴亚博网站注册联赛中,眨眼经常退缩到两名中后卫之间的持球。实际上,后场进攻是三分卫的防守体系。而当后场没有任何指示时,左侧或右侧的中后卫将选择控球并前进通过中场。



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