Original title: League of Legends S10 World Tournament Team Tour: GEN: LCK Galaxy Team


If it is the audience who usually pays a little attention to the League of Legends S10 World Championship, they must be no stranger to GEN, and they will even feel that he has a high sense of existence. On the one hand, his previous name is Samsung and he was in the S7 Global Finals in Beijing Bird's Nest. Defeated SKT 3:0 and won the championship at the time.

如果观众通常对英雄联盟S10世界冠军赛不太注意,那么他们一定对GEN并不陌生,他们甚至会觉得他有很高的存在感。一方面,他以前的名字是三星,他曾参加过北京燕窝的S7全球总决赛。击败SKT 3:0并赢得了当时的冠军。

On the other hand, in the official commentary of LPL, Guan Zeyuan is a loyal fan of this team. In many less serious and more relaxed fun programs, such as "After the game canteen" or "Work overtime in LCK", when Guan Zeyuan is playing, other commentators or hosts occasionally talk about him and this one he likes. The team ridiculed.

另一方面,在LPL的官方评论中,关泽元是该团队的忠实粉丝。在许多不太严肃和轻松的娱乐节目中,例如“关门后食堂”或“ LCK加班”,关泽源在玩耍时,其他评论员或主持亚博网站注册人有时会谈论他,并且喜欢他。团队嘲笑。

On September 9th, in the final round of the LCK Global Finals bubbling match, GEN defeated T1 3:0. By the way, in the past five years, GEN has entered the LOL global finals four times in a bubble game.


Rascal was a DRX player last season. Later, the two parties did not reach an agreement about the contract extension. Even though DRX tried to keep it, Rascal left DRX and subsequently joined GEN.


Spring’s Rascal’s role selection is no different from most LCK listings. It is mainly based on the strong versions of Orn and Wrist. It is worth noting that although GEN also tried to let him use the crocodile and Jess who are full of the laning period. , But it did not produce very good results. At the same time, when he chose Qinggang Ying and Kenan, who could rely on flexibility to involve the single belt of the pawn, GEN did not win the game.

Spring的Rascal角色选择与大多数LCK列表相同。它主要基于Orn和Wrist的强大版本。值得注意的是,尽管GEN也试图让他使用充满了对线期的鳄鱼和杰西。 ,但是并没有产生很好的效果。同时,当他选择可以依靠灵活性来融入典当亚博网站注册的单一腰带的Yingqinggang和Kenan时,GEN没有赢得比赛。

Generally speaking, although Rascal has certain operational capabilities, for example, his Sword Girl and Akali are good at playing, but the team still needs him to be ready at any time before the team battle begins.

一般来说,尽管Rascal具有一定的作战能力,例如,他的Sword Girl和Akali擅长打球,但球队仍需要他在团队战斗开始之前的任何时候做好准备。



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