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James was scolded because he passed it, and Green was scolded because he missed the shot.


But no matter what you think, my point is: this is the right choice.


Before talking about the last round, I want to talk about something else.


In the previous two games, we have talked about how the Heat dealt with James' roll call. Starting in G3, they began to use big delays and sinking defenses, to force James to pass the ball, or long shots, James hesitated, the first game of the roll call failed, the team failed to break the Heat’s man-to-man, and lost the ball . Then in Game 4, the Heat followed this defensive strategy, the opponent continued to sink, the player who was named was delayed and delayed the ball, and continued to test James’ shots. James did not hesitate to pull up from the outside and just broke the Heat. Scheming.


But after the G4 game, I said that the Heat's strategy was right, but they met James, who was too strong in defense and he was unreasonable. You can't do anything about it. Looking back now, Spoelstra thinks so too. His core defensive strategy in this game is to test James’ shooting. Most of the time, he will give you one step of defensive distance and let you Go for long shots.


In response, James was really hard-spirited. Is it a shot of opportunity? He basically threw it in. He made 6 three-pointers in a game and forced Spoelstra to change his own at the last moment. Defensive strategy. Because James is too accurate today, so when he is performing the roll call, not only will the players who have been called be delayed, but the defensive position of the original opposing player can not be too low. He has to avoid James' push from the outside.


Therefore, when James is performing the roll call, the Heat's defense against him becomes a bit similar to a flanking attack-neither dislocating him nor allowing him to easily shoot three-pointers.


To break this kind of defense, there are two most direct methods. Either launch the offense early, initiate a breakthrough at the moment the delay comes, and forcefully take away the named players to attack the opponent's defense, or after the defense is involved, score points. The ball is given to the teammate who took apart. Like this.


So if you look back at the final period of the game, you will find that James, after reading the Heat's defensive strategy, actually paid great attention to creating open shots for his teammates through roll call.


Having said this, let's talk about the final attack.


The start of this round was actually a roll call. James held the ball in a very high position. Green hadn't come up yet, and when Dun Luo was still observing whether he needed to delay the pick and roll, James suddenly started. At this time, if Dun Luo didn't come up and delayed, Butler was forced by James for half a step. Once the position was stuck and James got inside, it would be difficult for the Heat.


Dun Luo's judgment at this time was correct, and with hindsight, his defensive confrontation was very successful. But in this environment at the time, Butler, who did not follow the first step well, would be very worried about Dun Luo being eaten by force, so although he could not keep up, he did not choose to change defense at this time.


So there is this picture in the picture, James breaks through the penalty area alone, squeezing all defensive resources to the offline, and only Danny Green is left at the top of the arc.

这样就可以看到这张照片,James独自突破了禁区,将所有防守资源挤到了线下,只有Danny Green留在了弧顶。

It can be said that all players participating in this round have valid reasons to support them. At that moment, their judgments were correct. The only regret was that Danny Green missed the shot.

可以说,所有参加本轮比赛的选手都有充分的理由支持他们。当时,他们的判断是正确的。唯一的遗憾是丹尼·格林(Danny Green)没有射门。

Sometimes things are like this. You obviously did everything right before, but you just couldn't get the result you wanted. For the Lakers, this is the night. James used the naming of his teammates to create many open shots at critical moments, but they failed to grasp it once-the Lakers received a pass from James at the critical moment and made 0 of 6 shots, of which 4 were in positions. Shooting in the big open.


Throughout the audience, although the Lakers made 14 three-pointers and had a relatively impressive 36.8% long-range shooting percentage, they lined up with James and thick eyebrows. The remaining 7 role players made 24 three-pointers. Only 6 were scored, and the hit rate was only a dismal 25%.


When your role player can't make a shot, the Heat will dare to spread all the defenders in front of James.


After talking about Green's shooting, let's talk about Da Mo's choice.


I think that compared to Green's inability to make an open shot, Da Mo's pass selection at the end really shouldn't be.


You can see how many opportunities he missed with a picture.


When Da Mo grabs this offensive rebound, he can make three quality choices:

当Da Mo抢到进攻篮板时,他可以做出以下三种选择:

——Hand over to Danny Green at the top of the arc, and then make a cover in place, and let Green make another shot;

-交出弧线顶部的丹尼·格林(Danny Green),然后盖上适当的掩护,让格林再作一炮;

——Take advantage of the opportunity to score to Pope on the left, let him go to the bottom line to break through Dun Luo, Adebayor at the basket is already stuck with thick eyebrows at this time, Pope has the ability to eat Dun Luo alone. It has been verified in the last game;


——Give James, who came out on the right to catch the ball, let him play a 2v2 match with the thick eyebrow on the strong side. At this time, the weak side's defense has been completely opened. The Lakers' dual core has plenty of offensive space.


With 6.2 seconds left in the game, the Lakers had plenty of time to reorganize a complete offense, but without a timeout, Da Mo's passing error was a direct sentence of death for the team. This is very inappropriate.


But competitive sports is like this. Some errors in the on-the-spot details may determine the result of the entire game.


In the fifth game of the finals, there was not much to talk about in technical and tactical matters.


All the Lakers need to do is basically just on-the-spot play and some fine-tuning in the employment.


For example, in this game, although I support Vogel to continue to use Howard as the team’s starter, because this journey has a very special meaning for him personally, but I don’t want him to stay too long On the court, especially after the start of the second half, I would like to see thick eyebrows + Da Mo, which will be more conducive to the team's offensive space, and the arrangement of counter-defense is better than when Howard is on the court. It's easier-the Heat have made a lot of hand-to-hand changes at the point that they are weak in grasping the fifth position. When Howard is stuck in a position where he can't go up, he is also unable to defensively. Too much contribution to the team.


So from my personal point of view, I think the Lakers should choose to play junior from the beginning of the next game. This will be more conducive to their precise defensive care of the opposing core players from the beginning of the game, and it will also be more conducive to the team's advantage in the opening phase.


On the other hand, the Lakers have repeatedly appeared in this game where the defender stared the ball but not the man, giving Duncan Robinson several easy shots. At least in the focus of the game, the Lakers are not as good as today's Miami Heat.


Finally, let's talk about the Lakers' most dangerous variable-thick eyebrows and foot injuries.


The old injury of thick eyebrows recurred in this game, and twice. Especially for the second time, after Wei finished his foot, the ability to expand the line of defense was basically lost.


At the critical moment of the game, Butler called Da Mo's name several times, and the thick eyebrows chose to switch defenses, watching Da Mo continuously be eaten alone. Judging from this detail, at least at the end of the game, AD felt very bad on the feet. Normally, the Lakers’ defensive strategy is to sink and test JB’s shots. Although Butler’s shooting feels very good today, several mid-range jumpers gave a strong offensive response, but this will not Change the Lakers' general defensive approach.

在比赛的关键时刻,巴特勒多次打出Da Mo的名字,浓密的眉毛选择换防线,看着Da Mo不断被单独吃掉。从这个细节来看,至少在比赛结束时,AD的脚部感觉非常不好。通常,湖人的防守策略是击沉并测试JB的射门。尽管巴特勒今天的投篮感觉很好,但是一些中距离跳投者做出了强烈的进攻反应,但这不会改变湖人的总体防守方式。

In this case, thick eyebrow suddenly changed his defensive style, and it is hard not to worry about his foot injury. If in the next training test, AD's footsteps still don’t feel good, then the Lakers should consider switching back to the matchup and let James go to match Jimmy Butler again and let his thick eyebrows hit 5 to control Adebayor. , Reducing his running distance in defense, allowing James to take on more defensive tasks.

在这种情况下,浓密的眉毛突然改变了他的防守风格,很难不担心他的脚受伤。如果在下一次训练测试中,AD的脚步仍然感觉不好,那么湖人应该考虑转回对战,让James再次与Jimmy Butler比赛,让他浓密的眉毛打5来控制Adebayor。 ,减少了他在防守中的奔跑距离,使詹姆斯能够承担更多的防守任务。

The Lakers are a team built on dual cores, and the role players are not strong in deciding the game. They want to win, want to dominate the game, James and thick eyebrows are indispensable, this is their root.


But now, this foundation has begun to loosen. This is a very dangerous signal.


If the state of thick eyebrows can't return to 100%, even if the Lakers still occupy a big lead, you have to admit that this is probably only temporary.


G5 has become a thing of the past. And G6 is destined to be a game that no one can afford to lose. What will happen to the ending of the story, let's watch...

G5已经成为过去。 G6注定是一场没人能输的游戏。故事的结尾会发生什么,让我们看一下...

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