Tiger Fight, September 29, in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, former international Sun Xiang talked about his goals after retirement and gave suggestions for young players to stay abroad.


After retiring in 2017, Sun Xiang became the deputy general manager of Shanghai SIPG Club, completing the transition from player to manager. "Actually, there are not too many development directions for players to choose after retirement. It is nothing more than coaches, management or agents. First of all, I would like to thank SIPG and club leaders for their trust and training in me. This is not only a kind of luck, but also A challenge, I am still in the learning stage myself." Sun Xiang said.

2017年退休后,孙翔就任上海SIPG俱乐部副总经理,完成了从球员到经理的过渡。 “实际上,退休后球员没有太多的发展方向可供选择。这只不过是教练,管理人员或经纪人。首先,我要感谢SIPG和俱乐部领导人对我的信任和培训。这我不仅是一种运气,而且是一种挑战,我自己仍然处于学习阶段。”孙翔说。

Sun Xiang said that the biggest test brought about by the change of identity is the change of thinking: "Before, as a player, I only needed to adjust my state and make contributions to the team in training and competition. But now it is for the club. All aspects of the team and the players fulfill their responsibilities. Also, in terms of team management and cultural construction, how to keep everyone in an atmosphere of positive and healthy competition is what I need to do. "


Participating in team training in person is also considered a learning process by Sun Xiang. "Being a coach and being a manager have something in common. A good coach must have a set of good management methods. Now I can be with a world-famous coach like Pereira and understand the coach’s way of thinking, including his coaching. Concept. This is definitely beneficial to my future development."

孙翔也认为亲自参加团队培训是一个学习过程。 “成为一名教练和成为一名经理是有共同点的。一个好的教练必须具有一套好的管理方法。现在,我可以和像佩雷拉这样举世闻名的教练在一起,并了解教练的思维方式,包括他的教练。概念这绝对有利于我的未来发展。”

Sun Xiang introduced that while doing the current management work, he is also getting the coach qualification certificate.


In his brilliant career, Sun Xiang has won 1 AFC Champions League and 4 Super League titles with his team. During his European studies abroad, Sun Xiang became the first Chinese player to play in the Champions League in Eindhoven. He believes that for today's young players, if they want to be successful, they must "pursue their ideals, strengthen their convictions, stay focused, and strive for excellence."


"First of all, you must have ideals and goals. Although you may encounter some difficulties and obstacles in this process, as long as you have a firm belief and go forward courageously, you will reach the desired height." Sun Xiang said.


"Now as the market improves, there are a lot of external factors that will make you less focused and somewhat distracted. As a professional player, you only have to not care about outside matters and focus more on football. In order to continuously improve and progress."


Sun Xiang recalled that in order to exercise his feet as a player, he would often practice more.


For players who want to stay abroad in the future, Sun Xiang suggested that the language barrier should be resolved first.


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