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   Toto Wolff, the leader of the Mercedes team, believes that the penalty imposed by the Russian Grand Prix official on Hamilton is too far-fetched.

梅赛德斯车队的负责人托托·沃尔夫(Toto Wolff)认为,俄罗斯大奖赛官员对汉密尔顿施加的处罚过于牵强。

   "I am very upset about this punishment because it is too far-fetched, but we agree not to disagree. I always respect the work of the tournament officer, but on the other hand, we just agree not to disagree," Wolff said after the game.


  Wolf emphasized that the FIA ​​race director Michael Massey’s explanation of the starting practice rules did not specifically specify where the drivers can practice starting. He hinted that Hamilton had complied with the regulations.

沃尔夫强调说,国际汽联赛车总监迈克尔·马西(Michael Massey)对起步练习规则的解释并未具体规定驾驶员可以在何处练习起步。他暗示汉密尔顿已遵守规定。

   "At the designated place, the document says that it is behind the lights and keep to the right. The document is only clear. The starting practice needs to start from the right after the lights are turned on."


   Wolfe also said that Hamilton did not benefit from it. "You have to know that things are not always black and white, there is room for interpretation. Rules are always explained from both pros and cons. This is common sense."

沃尔夫还说,汉密尔顿没有从中受益。 “你必须知道事情并不总是黑白的,有解释的余地​​。规则总是由利弊来解释。这是常识。”

   Regarding the claim that this incident may have originated from the team’s false notification of Hamilton, Wolfe said: “We need to look at the procedures and communication records. We will not blame anyone. We always focus on the problem itself.


   Two 5-second penalties put Hamilton in third place, which also caused Hamilton to miss his 91st career championship. (LR)

汉密尔顿两次受到5秒的处罚,将汉密尔顿排在第三位,这也导致汉密尔顿错过了他的第91个职业冠军。 (左)



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