Tiger Fight, September 28, according to a report from Burnley reporter Andy Jones of The Athletic UK (Liverpool’s James Pearce also reposted this article), he said Burnley coach Sean Decher continued to report to the management. Pressure, the thickness of the team's lineup and injury status are very unoptimistic, the Red Wine Corps needs new assistance.

9月28日,《虎扑》(Tiger Fight)报导,据伯恩利体育英国记者安迪·琼斯(Liverpool的詹姆斯·皮尔斯(James Pearce)也转贴了这篇文章)的报道,他说伯恩利教练肖恩·德彻继续向管理层汇报。压力,球队阵容的粗细和受伤状态都非常乐观,红葡萄酒队需要新的帮助。

After Burnley signed Brighton veteran midfielder Stephens for £1 million, their new goal is Liverpool midfielder Harry Wilson. There is not much difference with previous reports from Sky Sports and other sources. Andy Jones said that Wilson is not in Klopp's plan this season, so his departure is almost a certainty. Burnley hopes to sign Wilson as their replacement after losing Hendrick and Lennon.

在伯恩利以100万英镑签下布莱顿老将中场斯蒂芬斯之后,他们的新目标是利物浦中场哈里·威尔逊。与Sky Sports和其他来源的先前报道并没有太大区别。安迪·琼斯(Andy Jones)表示,威尔逊本赛季不在克洛普的计划之列,因此他的离职几乎可以肯定。伯恩利希望在失去亨德里克和列侬之后签下威尔逊,以取代他们。

If Wilson goes to join Burnley, then in the case of Goodmondson and Brady's long-term injuries, he and McNair will be the main wingers for the two wings, which is more attractive to the player himself. Powerful.


Then Andy Jones also mentioned some transfer rumors of England international Tarkovsky. He said that Leicester City submitted two offers to Burnley and were rejected. The first one was 25 million pounds with additional terms. , The second is about 30 million pounds plus additional terms. Burnley coach Decher very much hopes to keep Tarkovsky, and if Tarkovsky is sold, Burnley will pay 27.5% of the transfer fee to his previous home team Brentford Germany, this is why they hope to receive the highest possible offer. Jones also confirmed the news of the previous Telegraph reporter John Percy.

然后,安迪·琼斯(Andy Jones)还提到了英格兰国际塔尔科夫斯基的转会传闻。他说,莱斯特城向伯恩利提交了亚博网站注册两个要约,但被拒绝。第一个是2500万英镑,附带附加条款。 ,第二个约为3000万英镑,另加其他条款。伯恩利教练德切尔非常希望保留塔科夫斯基,如果塔科夫斯基被出售,伯恩利将向他之前的主队布伦特福德德国支付27.5%的转会费,这就是为什么他们希望获得最高报价的原因。琼斯还证实了前电讯记者约翰·珀西的消息。

If Tarkovsky really leaves the team before the deadline, there are two central defenders that Ditch likes. One is Scott Dan of Crystal Palace. His contract with the team will expire soon, so An inexpensive option. Followed by Joe Vollar of Nottingham Forest, as the forest captain, he is also the object of Decher's long-term observation and hope to sign.

如果塔科夫斯基真的在截止日期之前离开了球队,那么迪奇就会喜欢两名中后卫。其中一位是水晶宫的斯科特·丹(Scott Dan)。他与团队的合同即将到期,因此是一种廉价的选择。紧随其后的是诺丁汉森林的乔·沃尔拉尔(Joe Vollar),他是德赫尔长期观察的对象,并希望与他签署协议。

In the end, Andy Jones also confirmed that Burnley and ALK Capital are negotiating the acquisition, which is also quite surprising news. Prior to this, ALK Capital hoped to acquire Sheffield United, but in the end it didn't make the trip. The source of The Athletic means that Burnley is just a club on their list of interests. Can ALK Capital, which has a Wall Street background, bring more funds and better management and operation methods to Burnley. Burnley is busy in the transfer market, but there is only one left to close the window. A few days have passed.

最终,安迪·琼斯(Andy Jones)还证实伯恩利(Burnley)和ALK Capital正在就收购进行谈判,这也是令人惊讶的消息。在此之前,ALK Capital希望收购Sheffield United,但最终没有成功。 The Athletic的来源意味着伯恩利只是他们兴趣清单上的俱乐部。具有华尔街背景的ALK Capital可以为伯恩利带来更多资金以及更好的管理和运营方法。伯恩利(Burnley)在转会市场上很忙,但只剩下一个人可以关闭窗口。几天过去了。

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