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In the Bundesliga opener early this morning, defending champion Bayern Munich beat the visiting Schalke 04 8-0 at home. This score also set the first-round victory in the history of the Bundesliga.

在今天早晨的德甲揭幕战中,卫冕冠军拜仁慕尼黑在家中击败了来访的沙尔克04 8-0。这个比分也奠定了德甲历史上的第一轮胜利。

The game was wonderful, with a lot of goals, and there were also many things worth summarizing and recollecting in the content. Next, this article will briefly review the game.


Bayern continued their extremely successful 433/4231 play (depending on Muller's position). Compared with the Champions League knockout stage after the rematch of last season, the team's lineup has changed a lot: Paval's return allowed Kimmich to return to the position of midfielder. Kimmich replaced Thiago and Zule, who left the team He and Lucas Hernandez replaced Alaba and Alfonso Davis in the starting lineups respectively, and the newly added Sane replaced Perisic who had left the team.

拜仁继续他们极为成功的433/4231比赛(取决于穆勒的位置)。与上赛季复赛后的冠军联赛淘汰赛阶段相比,球队的阵容发生了很大变化:帕瓦尔的回归使金米奇得以重返中场。 Kimmich替换了Thiago和Zule,后者离开了球队He和Lucas Hernandez分别在首发阵容中替换了Alaba和Alfonso Davis,新加入的Sane替换了离开球队的Perisic。

For Schalke, the team continued the 4222 formation used in the previous warm-up match. However, the absence of three key players in the midfield and backfield of Mascarel, Nastasiic and Salif Sane made the team bigger. Affected. Kenny ended his lease and returned to Everton to create a vacancy for Schalke's right-back position. Coach Wagner decided to let Rudy play this position. In addition, Ute, who returned on loan from Cologne, and Pasencia, who came on loan from Frankfurt, formed a striker.

对于沙尔克来说,球队延续了上一场热身赛中使用的4222阵型。但是,由于缺少Mascarel,Nastasiic和Salif Sane的中场和后场三名关键球员,这支球队变得更大。受到影响。肯尼结束租约,回到埃弗顿,为沙尔克的右后卫职位提供空缺。瓦格纳教练决定让鲁迪担任这个职位。此外,从科隆借来归还的Ute和从法兰克福借来来的Pasencia,组成了前锋。

, If you can win a goal, it is good, if you can not retreat after a few minutes, it is not too late. Schalke's preparations are better than Bayern, and they have more reasons to do so. Within 70 seconds of the opening, Schalke completed two shots and won a corner kick.


In fact, Bayern under Frick is good at control and high position pressing. They can be said to be the best team combining two points in European football today. But on the defensive end, they are not monolithic, especially in the execution of high-position presses, when the overall line is pressed forward, the ribs behind the defensive line and the edges will be the opponent's key attack area.


Take the Champions League last season as an example. Barcelona, ​​Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain all had good opportunities to take the lead in the early stages of the game, but Suarez, Ecamby, Neymar and others failed to grasp it. If they take the lead, the trend of the game is likely to change accordingly. Schalke coach Wagner clearly noticed this.


The Moroccan star Amin Ali is the key part of the implementation of the tactic of grabbing the start. The author also mentioned in the prospects that as the team's most talented and most technically capable point, Ali in good condition will pose a great threat to the opponent's defense. The same was true in the opening stage of the game: he first took the ball from the left and passed it through to Paxencia, who swept through the goal. Although his side did not outflank the point, it also formed a substantial threat; it was also this attack. Ali soon picked up a pass in the middle, and the goal was Paxencia. The Portuguese striker completed a powerful shot, forcing Neuer to make a wonderful save.

摩洛哥明星阿明·阿里(Amin Ali)是实施抢先战术的关键部分。作者在前景中还提到,作为球队最有才华和最技术上的力量,状态良好的阿里将对对手的防守构成巨大威胁。在比赛的开场阶段,情况也是如此:他首先从左边拿起皮球,将球传给了帕克森西亚,后者横扫了球门。尽管他的立场并没有说明问题,但也构成了重大威胁。也是这次袭击。阿里很快在中路拿到一个传球,目标是帕克森西亚。这位葡萄牙前锋完成了一次有力的投篮,迫使诺伊尔做出了出色的扑救。

The veteran Bayern players will naturally not allow Ali to ask for what they want at their home court, and immediately become strict with his defense (in addition, Flick will also arrange for his focus before the game), even at the cost of fouls.


Under such "care", Ali, who has more than enough spiritual talent but a little less spiritual attributes, began to get lost. His handling of the ball has become as hesitant, procrastinated, and trapped in a self-centered situation. In the whole game, his 22 passes only succeeded 16 times. It can be said that Bayern's restriction on him was very successful.


. In fact, Gnabry’s goal was the first time Bayern had effectively scored into the offensive zone for the first time in this game.


In the defense of this ball, the front-pressing Schalke line failed to make an offside. In the face of Gnabry's light handling, two central defenders Kabak and Stanbury could only watch the ball into the net. The pressure of the match between the two is enormous, and it is still reluctant to head-to-head against Tyrant Lewand, and there is nothing he can do to deal with the impact of Sanegnabri's speed-type change. During the game, Kabak was stuck on his hands several times, so it was still unable to prevent Bayern's stars from scoring one after another.


Also in the mid lane, Zelda, Ben Taleb and the substitute Shepf provided limited defensive help. With the squashing of his front, the arc of the penalty area was clearly empty again, which caused Gretz to get stuck. Long shot scored with minimal interference.


Unfortunately, Zelda only played less than 30 minutes in this game before being injured, which made Schalke, who was already short of major generals (the same midfielder Mascarel has not yet returned), made the situation worse.


The subsequent game was completely controlled by Bayern, and Schalke was struggling to deal with the three-dimensional attack. The more Bayern players played, the more relaxed they became. Lewandling gave Muller a "flower-arranged foot" assist. The post-03 teenager Musharra also completed a very beautiful right-foot cut inside the goal.

随后的比赛完全由拜仁控制,而沙尔克正努力应对三维进攻。拜仁球员踢得越多,他们变得越放松。勒万德林(Lewandling)给穆勒(Muller)一个“插花的脚”助攻。 03后的少年穆沙拉(Musharra)在球门内还完成了非常漂亮的右脚切入动作。

Tiago’s departure will undoubtedly have a great impact on Bayern, and it is almost impossible for the team to find an equivalent substitute. Before the new aid is in place, the midfielders will need to do more to make up for the lack of midfield core.


Kimmich, who has been improving every year, has also become "fine". In this game, he had 66 passes and ranked second in the game, with a success rate of 97% on 64 passes. At the same time, he sent 4 key passes for his teammates, second only to Sane's 5 times. Gnabry’s first goal came from his precise long pass, and in the second half he assisted Sane to score the first goal of returning to the Bundesliga.


In addition, Gretzka and Muller scored a goal each, they also shared the task of running and fighting in the midfield and organizing the transition. Toliso, who came on the bench, also performed well, completing 31 passes with an accuracy rate of 90%.


The Robben-Ribery combination is a brilliant endorsement of Bayern's generation. The two wings of the bilateral striker have left too many fond memories for the fans, and the two also set a high benchmark for the younger generation.


Bayern finally got the long-awaited Sane in Xia Chuang. In order to get him with one year left on the original contract, the team paid nearly 50 million euros to Manchester City. Returning to the first Bundesliga game, Sane proved his worth facing his old club.


, In fact, the two and Lewand, Muller are both players with a wide range of activities, who can both pull sides and grab points in the middle. Gnabry and Sane also often switch positions, and sometimes even appear on the same side to seek cooperation. Such an activity makes it difficult for opponents to mark.


Sane, who returned to the Bundesliga, fully demonstrated his speed advantage in this game. At the same time, with a very clear idea, he also sent 5 key passes for his teammates. He also appeared very calm when he scored the goal in 71 minutes.


Gnabry was the biggest winner of the game. He scored 3 goals with 5 shots and staged a hat trick. With the main scorer Lewandid under strict supervision, Gnabry is more likely to use his acceleration and escape abilities to find opportunities.


Lewandowski, who was out of shape last season, had a bad footing. A few shots are not straightforward, leading to the opposing defender can successfully block. Of course, this does not affect his role on the court, penalizing the penalty he created, while also assisting Mueller and Muxiala goals. It can be said that this 8-0, the new Trident has made great contributions.


For Schalke 04, this is undoubtedly a game that is difficult to look back on.


Fellman, who returned to the Bundesliga, made three saves, allowing the team to avoid more conceded goals, but the opponent's firepower was too fierce and had to pick up the ball from his own net 8 times.


Rudy, who played right back, was frequently exploded, unable to defend his defense, and lost the ball on offense. Becker, who replaced him, didn't get much better, and became the backing board for Mushala's goal. Schalke is in urgent need of signings at this position.


Matondo once again proved his uselessness, and Ute was barely visible except for a set ball.


The only bright spot, I am afraid, is the newly joined Paxiancia. As the center of the team, he has a good body. In this game, he played against Boateng and Jule alone. He also won 2 aerial confrontations. While finding a good shot, he also showed a good back. The ability to hold and make the ball. Schalke’s whoscored score for the starting lineup was 5.8 points second only to Zelda, who left early (5.9 points).


The weakness of the center is the biggest problem that has plagued Schalke on the tactical level in recent seasons. Paxiancia's first show is still eye-catching, and it can be regarded as some explanation for his fans. The season is still long, and everyone at Schalke needs to cheer.

中心的弱点是最近几个赛季在战术层面困扰着沙尔克的最大问题。 Paxiancia的首场演出仍然引人注目,这可以看作是对其歌迷的某种解释。赛季仍然很长,沙尔克的每个人都需要加油。

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