冯珊珊 摄影:李欣

On October 14th, Beijing time, from childhood to adulthood, Feng Shanshan rarely had the opportunity to participate in inter-team confrontations. The International Crown Cup that he participated in at LPGA also lacked the four-player two-ball match and single-player finals. As for the captain of similar competitions, more It was the first time in my life. But she is confident to lead her team and win the Sina Cup professional amateur match play in Beijing Evergrande Palace Sports Park.


"The college league in the United States has a similar format, but I changed my career early, so I never experienced it," Feng Shanshan said. "It was fun to be a captain for the first time. It must be a very different experience. First of all, I know I have made many new friends; secondly, I always take me as the starting point to get familiar with the stadium when I usually participate in the game, but this time as the captain, I have to coordinate the whole team, start from the overall situation, and consider the factors of the players more."

冯珊珊说:“美国大学联赛的格式与此类似,但是我很早就改变了职业,所以我从未经历过。” “第一次成为队长很有趣。这一定是一次非常不同的经历。首先,我知道我认识了许多新朋友;其次,我始终以我为起点来熟悉体育场当我平时参加比赛时,但这次作为队长,我必须协调整个团队,从全局出发,并更多地考虑球员的因素。”

   Feng Shanshan is familiar with the team's six professional players: Yin Ruoning, Zhang Weiwei, Liu Yan, Du Mohan, Zhang Yunjie and Zhang Jie Nalin. They have all played in the same game. In addition, they also know about Liang Wenchong's Yin Xiaowen and Fan Shuangshuang. But she didn't know enough about the 7 male amateur players in her team. She said that the one she was most familiar with was Ding Wenyi.


   "Xiao Ding said that we had seen it before, but I can't remember it anymore, because he is 190 centimeters now," Feng Shanshan raised her head as she spoke, made a motion of looking up, and then laughed.


   For Feng Shanshan today, the main task is to get acquainted with her players, because in the afternoon she will announce the starting lineup for the first round of the four-ball match. According to the rules of the tournament, it must be a female professional player and a male amateur player.


Although there are various unfamiliarities, Feng Shanshan already has his own team principle. First, if the players are familiar with each other and feel comfortable on the field when they cooperate, they can recommend themselves to the captain. According to Feng Shanshan, there are currently one or two teams. . "The four-man four-ball match is a strong offensive player with a strong stable player. There are too few references in the four-man two ball match, especially for men and women, so it is necessary to refer to the player's own opinions and add It will be decided by the running-in of the next two days and the performance on the spot," Feng Shanshan said.

尽管有许多不熟悉的地方,但冯珊珊已经有了自己的团队原则。首先,如果球员彼此熟悉并且在合作时在场上感到自在,他们可以向队长推荐自己。冯珊珊说,目前有一到两支队伍。 。 “四人四球比赛是一个强大的进攻球员,又是一个稳定的球员。在四人两球比赛中,引用很少,特别是对于男性和女性,因此有必要参考球员本人意见和补充这将取决于接下来两天的磨合以及当场的表现。”冯珊珊说。

The Sina Cup match should be determined according to the way the two sides "play cards", that is to say, the two teams will each determine half of the match. Feng Shanshan said that each team she sends will be competitive and will not engage in "Tian Ji horse racing", deliberately weak Team vs. strong team.


"I will ensure that each team is competitive and will not give up any player," Feng Shanshan said. "A strong combination is possible, but it is also possible that a player with less experience is not enough. I will send an experienced player to lead. he.

冯珊珊说:“我将确保每支球队都有竞争力,并且不会放弃任何球员。” “强强联合是可能的,但经验不足的球员也可能不够用。我会派一个经验丰富的球员来领导。他。

"I think the focus of this game is the process, the result is not the most important. The key is whether the amateur players have learned something from this game, I think this is more important. For me personally, this is a time Good experience and experience. Everyone has a first time. I will try my best to do my responsibilities. If I did not do well the first time, I hope to do better next time."


In fact, the difficulties encountered by the Feng Shanshan team are also those encountered by the Liang Wenchong team. Since golf is still recovering from the epidemic a little bit, and this is the first time such a game has been played in China, the entire battle will take two days. Quickly understand, and Feng Shanshan believes that his team can do better.


Feng Shanshan said: “To judge objectively, I think our winning side is 60 to 70%, but I don’t want to put pressure on my team. I hope they enjoy golf during the game. Originally, golf is a way of meeting friends with the ball. The key to sports is to find fun. I think they can learn from this event and show their best level so that everyone can see it."




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