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Netease Sports reported on October 5:


Mourinho returning to the theater of dreams


Mourinho has mixed feelings for Manchester United. In the summer of 2016, he succeeded Van Gaal as the Manchester United coach. During the coaching of Manchester United, Mourinho did his best to lead the team to the League Cup, the Europa League and the Community Shield Cup, and brought Manchester United to the runner-up position in the Premier League. However, the Manchester United executives were not satisfied with this and fired him in December 2018. Yesterday, Mourinho emphasized when talking about his Manchester United career: "I won everything I can win."

穆里尼奥对曼联的感情喜忧参半。 2016年夏天,他接替范加尔(Van Gaal)担任曼联教练。在曼联执教期间,穆里尼奥竭尽全力带领球队参加联赛杯,欧罗巴联赛和社区盾杯,并使曼联在英超联赛中获得亚军。但是,曼联高管对此并不满意,于2018年12月解雇了他。昨天,穆里尼奥在谈到他在曼联的职业生涯时强调:“我赢了我所能赢得的一切。”

In December last year, Mourinho returned to the Dream Theater for the first time as an opponent after being fired by Manchester United. In that game, Spurs lost 1-2 to Manchester United, and Soo Shuai then "touched Mourinho" after the game. It can be said that that day was a shame for Mourinho, and he must have been waiting for a day of revenge. Today, 10 months later, Mourinho finally waited for his chance. After Mourinho's reassembly, Tottenham's lineup has been greatly improved, which gives Mourinho a chance to be proud.

去年12月,穆里尼奥(Mourinho)在被曼联(Manchester United)解雇后,第一次作为对手回到了梦剧院(Dream Theater)。在那场比赛中,马刺1-2输给了曼联,然后苏帅在赛后“碰到了穆里尼奥”。可以说那天对穆里尼奥来说是可耻的,他一定一直在等待复仇的一天。 10个月后的今天,穆里尼奥终于等待了机会。穆里尼奥重组后,托特纳姆热刺的阵容得到了极大的改善,这使穆里尼奥有机会感到自豪。

6-1, such a score is really incredible. At the end of the game, Mourinho sitting on the coaching bench had a relaxed expression, while Suo Shuai was very lonely. When Pogba gave the order, Mourinho smiled. When Manchester United coached, Mourinho and Pogba had many conflicts. After the game, Mourinho and Suo Shuai shook hands. After shaking his hand, Mourinho groped Shuai's head with his hand, then walked away silently...


Manchester United was taught a lesson on the field, and Mourinho did not lose off the field. In this game, Martial's red card completely changed the situation on both sides. So Shuai raised doubts about this after the game, while Mourinho directly said: "If anyone can cry over the VAR penalty, that person must be Tottenham; if anyone can't cry over the VAR penalty, that person must be Manchester United."


Mourinho also believes that Manchester United have escaped more red cards in today's game. "Manchester United could have ended the game with a lineup of 8 people. Yes, they may have only 8 people on the field at the end of the game. Some things happen before my eyes, I can see clearly. However, I can understand the referee There is no way to show more red cards to Manchester United because that would make Manchester United more passive."

穆里尼奥还认为,曼联在今天的比赛中逃脱了更多的红牌。 “曼彻斯特联队本可以以8人的阵容结束比赛。是的,在比赛结束时他们可能只有8人在场上。有些事情发生在我眼前,我可以清楚地看到。但是,我可以理解裁判没有办法向曼联出示更多的红牌,因为那样会使曼联更加被动。”

In the last two games, Tottenham scored 13 goals frantically, and Maccabi and Manchester United have become Mourinho's victims. Mourinho has always been called a defensive coach by the outside world. In this regard, Mourinho also made a counterattack today: “Imagine if Spurs were in charge of an offensive coach today, they could score 10, 11, and 12 goals. Because their current coach is a defensive coach, they Just scored 5, 6, 7 goals."


Mourinho emphasized: "Manchester United have not lost many games. For them, it is not common for them to score 6 goals in a game. This is a historic victory. For Tottenham, it is a historic one. One day, the same is true for my players. Similarly, I have to say that this is also my historic day. In this stadium, I won a lot of games, most of which helped Manchester United win. However, I also had lead


"This is a victory for all the players in the team. This is a victory for our self-confidence. We are full of confidence and I feel very happy. It is our great honor to create such a record in this stadium. We are the best. The team. When 11 played 11, they couldn't beat us. We have already won, and we have wasted a lot of opportunities. The reality today is too impressive." Mourinho said.


After the 1-6 loss, Suo Shuai was under a lot of pressure, and Mourinho knew about Suo Shuai's current situation. "I sympathize with Solskjaer. I don’t remember when I lost 6 goals, but I lost 5 and 4, I know it’s painful. As the winner, I know I should How to do it. Of course I want to win, I want to score seven or eight, but I have to show sympathy. Today he is the loser, maybe tomorrow it will be me."

在1-6输掉比赛之后,索帅承受了很大的压力,穆里尼奥了解了索帅的现状。 “我很同情Solskjaer。我不记得我输了6个进球,但是我输了5个和4个进球,我知道这很痛苦。作为赢家,我知道我应该怎么做。我当然想赢,我我想得分7或8,但我必须表示同情。今天他是失败者,也许明天就是我。”

According to OPTA data, Mourinho is the second coach in Premier League history to score more than 5 goals for his old club in away games. It is worth mentioning that Solskjaer is the first. In December 2018, Suo Shuai led Manchester United in a 5-1 sweep of Cardiff City.

根据OPTA的数据,穆里尼奥是英超联赛历史上第二位在客场比赛为老东家打进5球以上的教练。值得一提的是,Solskjaer是第一位。 2018年12月,索帅在加的夫城5-1横扫曼联。

According to the "Daily Mail" previous statistics, Levi has spent 100 million pounds in signings after Mourinho took office, and the players he bought are very in line with Mourinho's requirements. This season, Tottenham is likely to make a big difference. Mourinho said: "I don't know if we can win the trophy, but we have been working hard. I am very satisfied with the current lineup. We have an incredible configuration on the offensive end."


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